Create a new hospital in SITS

If your hospital is not a member of SITS and you as a doctor wish to become a member, you can register your hospital and yourself if you fulfill the conditions as Local Coordinator (LC). Click below to read more or to register.

Create a User at your hospital in SITS

If your hospital is already a member of SITS, and you wish to join that hospital, you can register yourself as a Local User (LU). If you are replacing a local coordinator you should also apply below and contact SITS

Why join SITS?

SITS generates research and quality development with impact on clinical practice.
Take the next step towards the opportunity to be part of high-impact studies and improve outcomes and quality of stroke care.

Network Roles

Find out more information about different user roles in the SITS Registry and how you can advance from the Local Coordinator role.

Quick facts about SITS

  • A free of charge service
  • Internet-based interactive stroke registries
  • Access to internationally well-known researchers through the SITS Network
  • Equipped with a powerful reporting tool helping you to gain access to a unique, online, real time performance reports on logistics and outcomes
  • The opportunity to be part of high-impact studies
  • International – which enables you to benchmark your practice against the national and global average

Centre benefits

Analyze data

  • Compare and analyse performance with national & international data
  • Benchmark your performance results against others locally, regionally or nationally
  • Improve outcomes and quality of stroke care by using the knowledge gained through the data analysis

Use the data at any time

  • All data entered by centre is owned by centre
  • The data is ready to use for local presentation
  • You have the right to publish your own centre’s data any time

Gain access to the registry’s support network

  • Connect with world leading stroke experts
  • Connect with other collaborators and partners
  • Connect with the SITS Scientific Committee for support and scientific guidance