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Certification programs in collaboration with SITS


The American Stroke Association’s international stroke centre certification is designed to evaluate clinical programs across the continuum of care and provide hospitals with the needed tools and support to achieve long-term success in improving stroke patient outcomes. Through a robust performance improvement program and dedicated staff, you can achieve the goal of providing high quality care. Certification helps put a framework in place to guide you on your journey. SITS and ASA have harmonized their stroke measures to ease the burden of double data entry.

Learn how your hospital can maximise and demonstrate its stroke treatment capabilities through international stroke certification.

To read more, please visit: International Stroke Centre Certification
or contact for more information


We have launched a new add on to our SITS QR protocol, for our Latin American countries. The Latin American version of the SITS QR protocol has been initiated by key people within the region and will gather data for their certification program with WSO.

The certification of stroke centres is critical to ensure the implementation of all high-priority strategies which change the natural history of stroke. It is a great opportunity for continuous improvement and qualification of services.

To read more, please visit: Certification – Global Stroke Alliance 
or contact for more information.