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The network of SITS

The SITS global network consists of:

3000 stroke professionals.

Over 90 countries.

Regional networks to strengthen research within their region.

Access to internationally renowned researchers.

An opportunity to be part of high-impact studies.

Awards for quality

If you would like to become a part of the SITS global network, you can read here on how to become a member.

Global Network Map

Point on a country to see its National Coordinator

Our network groups

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The structure of our network

International Regional Coordinator (IRC)

The IRC is responsible for coordinating SITS activities within a defined international region and represents the country on an international level in SITS related matters. Examples of international regional coordinators: IRC for SITS MENA, IRC for SITS Latin America etc. To become an International Regional Coordinator you need to sign a contract with SITS for the term of 3 years.

National Coordinator (NC)

The NC coordinates the SITS Registry activities in the country and represents the country internationally within SITS International. As a National Coordinator, you can advance in your role and become the International Regional Coordinator (IRC) if you are to represent a defined region, and you can appoint a new National Coordinator. The term of the National Coordinator is 3 years from the date when contract is signed. To become the National Coordinator and represent your country, contact the SITS Coordinating Office.

Associated National Coordinator (aNC)

The aNC helps the National Coordinator to coordinate SITS Registry activities in the country and to represent the country internationally within SITS International. As an associated National Coordinator, you can become a National Coordinator if, for some reason, the current NC isn’t able to continue with their obligations. Associated National Coordinator is a term of 3 years and a contract needs to be signed with SITS.

Regional Coordinator (RC)

The RC is coordinating the SITS Registry activities within a defined national region. If you work or are representing several centres within the same country, you can become the Regional Coordinator for the SITS activities. To become a Regional Coordinator, you need to contact the SITS Coordinating Office and inform about the centres that you are representing. The Regional Coordinator can advance and become Associated National Coordinator or National Coordinator.

Local Coordinator (LC)

The LC is the doctor responsible for the SITS activities on a centre level.  As a Local Coordinator you can advance and become either Regional Coordinator and/or associated National Coordinator and National Coordinator. To register as Local Coordinator follow the steps of becoming a member in the SITS Registry.

Associated Local Coordinator (aLC)

The aLC is assisting the doctor responsible for the SITS activities on a centre level. You can advance in your role by becoming the Local Coordinator at your centre, if, for any reason, the current Local Coordinator isn’t able to continue with their responsibilities. To become an Associated Local Coordinator, you need to be approved by the current Local Coordinator and inform the SITS Coordinating Office.

Local User (LU)

The LU at the centre is responsible for entering data into the SITS registry. If you are a medical doctor and operate as a Local User, you can advance your role and become a Local Coordinator.