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Covid-19 Add On

COVID-19 stroke specific variables are added to existing SITS protocols to help gather local knowledge, practices and outcomes in stroke treatment related to patients who are suspected or confirmed with COVID-19. 

As Local Coordinator and Local User, a pop-up window appears when logging in asking whether you wish to enable the COVID-19 stroke specific variables or not. If you select “Yes”, the variables will be activated at your centre for the following protocols: 

  • IVT (standard and minimal) 
  • IVT+TBY Bridge 
  • TBY (standard and minimal)
  • APP (standard and minimal) 

Once these variables have been enabled, they appear in one separate subject page. You can enter the page via Patient Summary page, just like entering any other time point. 


  • Participate in scientific studies on COVID-19 and stroke  
  • Easy add on variables on already-exisiting protocols  
  • Takes less than 10 minutes to complete 

SITS plans to perform a research study on COVID-19 and stroke in the near future. Centres with high level of data completeness will be invited to join the study as co-authors.