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Thrombolysis Protocol

Thrombolysis (IVT) Protocol records the use of IV thrombolysis in treatment of stroke. In this protocol the following data entry forms are used:   

Intravenous Thrombolysis Protocol, standard version (IVTP-s) – protocol for registering stroke patients treated with IV thrombolysis. 

Intravenous Thrombolysis Protocol, minimal version (IVTP-m) - protocol for registering all stroke patients treated with IV thrombolysis. The minimal version omits certain variables at various time points, making the protocol less extensive compared with the standard version (IVTP-s). 


  • Choose between minimal and standard version  
  • Gain access to high quality research by measuring outcomes in patients treated with IV thrombolysis  
  • Access time logistics in IV thrombolysis treated patients – Onset to Door (OTD), Onset to Treatment (OTT) and Door to Needle (DTN) 

As Local Coordinator select which version to enable under Centre Settings.