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World-wide, about 15 million strokes occur annually. SITS International
generates research and development with an impact on clinical practices globally.
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We are a Global Stroke Treatment Registry offering a world-leading platform
for high quality stroke data.
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Our protocols are interactive, internet-based stroke data entry forms in
standard and minimal versions.

Latest news

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A new publication

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Contributing hospitals

SITS has published a new list with hospitals contributing with data…

What is SITS?

SITS stands for Safe Implementation of Treatments in Stroke. We are a world-leading registry for stroke patients where data is collected to improve stroke care and facilitate clinical trials. We are a non-profit, research-driven organisation who works independently and globally.

It’s an initiative by the medical profession to assure excellence in acute treatment and secondary prevention of stroke.

Why join SITS?

SITS generates research and quality development with impact on clinical practice.
Take the next step towards the opportunity to be part of high-impact studies and improve outcomes and quality of stroke care.

Free of charge
Opportunity to be part of high-impact studies​
Powerful reporting tool
Access to researchers through the SITS Network​
Benchmark your results against others​
Internet-based stroke registries​

SITS Network

SITS network is divided into regional groups that are all run by committed coordinators worldwide. Within the groups, various projects, studies and engagements are run to contribute to better stroke care.

View our network page to learn more about us!

Data Entry Forms

Our data entry forms are developed to fit your needs. To read what data entry forms we offer, click on the button below.

Talk to us?

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