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It is our great honor to present the SITS MENA Award, which in collaboration with MENASO board members has been designed especially for the MENA region.

SITS is proud of the multi-year collaboration with MENASO (Middle East and North Africa Stroke Organization), which has once again resulted in further positive development work. Together we have designed the SITS MENA Award Program, specially developed for the MENA region.

SITS chairman Dr. Niaz Ahmed, former SITS chairman Prof. Nils Wahlgren on behalf of SITS International, together with the president of MENASO and International Regional Coordinator for SITS MENA, Dr. Suhail Al-Rukn, the Vice President of MENASO, and SITS National Coordinator for Saudi Arabia, Dr. Adel Alhazzani and the Secretary of MENASO and SITS National Coordinator for Egypt, Prof. Hany Aref, on behalf of MENASO, are looking forward to launching the SITS MENA Award in January 2021.

Read more about MENASO and their great effort and commitment with a vision to reduce overall stroke burden in the MENA region, by clicking here.

Read more about the SITS MENA Award by clicking here.